Hey, I'm Kevin Mao

I'm a Product Designer at Evernote. Previously I designed at Zumper, PadMapper, DocuSign, and Locket. Feel free to contact me to collaborate.

I pursue digital product design for its integration of utility and beauty. I believe design plus technology has boundless potential to elevate the human experience. Tech has connected me to the world in significant ways, and has always inspired me to create. I want to be part of that story and give back with the magic that I’ve experienced, to enrich the greater good and future generations by transforming our present.

I also make photos that evoke emotion and turn the ordinary into something more extraordinary. I'm always ready to collaborate on projects around the world when I’m not designing. In my spare time I also do wedding videography with Bethsaida Productions.


Website recognition: Editors' Pick — Bestfolios
Resume recognition: Inspiring UX Designer Resumes — Case Study Club