100 Days of Coding Prototypes

Framer Classic got me hooked on coding prototypes with its powerful library and the simplicity of CoffeeScript. Now I'm moving on to expanding my powers with ES6, React, and SwiftUI to improve my capabilities.

  • 2020
  • Sheltered in place
  • Interaction Design, Programming, Prototyping

Building detail page

Collaborators: Nico Rattazzi // TaeHoon Yoon // Woody Anderson // Tanguy Le Louarn


Increase conversions to apartment building detail pages, and debut an apartment units data model.


We shipped three iterative versions, increasing conversion rate by 33% from an older design that converted better than the existing design, eliminating a painful experience of unstable interactions, and simplifying our frontend code.

Building detail page of Zumper.com on iPhone SE.Building detail page of Zumper.com

Map-List search results

Collaborators: Jacqueline Angel // Nico Rattazzi // TaeHoon Yoon // Tanguy Le Louarn


Eliminate inconsistencies, repair broken layout at certain breakpoints, and clean up visual design of individual listings in the core search results view.


Product Designer Jacqueline Angel and I collaborated and converged on a polished design that addressed all edge cases.

Listings in search results view of Zumper.com

Nearby points of interest map

Collaborators: Nico Rattazzi // Johnny Tsai // Keith Lee // Joseph Jensen


Upgrade the native apps' barebones map to bring it closer to feature parity with the web version.


The iOS and Android map streamlines our web version with a more focused, one-at-a-time category viewing experience. I compromised a lot to arrive at a good user experience while minimizing engineering time and effort.